I'm Dalton Fox

Game Developer | Software Engineer

Lifelong game developer and software engineer building high fidelity simulations, gaming experiences, marketing environments, and industry standard extended reality simulations.

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I'm a game developer from Columbus Ohio. I started programming at a young age and have slowly grown my passion into a career in game development and software engineering. I went to Shawnee State University for my Bachelors of Science in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology.

I have over five years of industry experience and have been involved with countless high-profile projects. I have multiple upcoming release projects and a strong portfolio of proprietary industry releases.

Currently I work for Boeing as a technical lead building extended reality simulations and digital twin software for in the commercial aviation and defense industries.

Have an opportunity or an idea to share? Feel free to reach out through my email or contact me via social media.

Game Developer
- Unity 3D
- Unreal Engine
- VR / AR / MR / XR
Web Developer
- JavaScript
- WebRTC
- ElectronJS
Software Engineer
- C#
- C / C++
- Python